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/g/ternet Wiki[edit]

This wiki is primarily intended for the /g/ternet meshnet project, created in response to the latest net neutrality trend.

You can edit any page on this wiki without an account. Your IP address is hidden from everyone, including the administrator. Please do not abuse this.

You may use either or vipq5vnfvlxb3x32.onion to access the wiki.

Official IRC is at, SSL port 9999, channel #gternet; we hope to see you there.

Instructions on how to use IRC can be found in the Tutorials section.

You could also join our image board at 8chan

We also have a new map where you can post your contact info. Only pin if you are prepared to actively contribute.

Add your relevant links to the link dump in the Resources section.

What is /g/ternet?[edit]

The /g/ternet is a new mesh "Internet" based on currently undecided technologies. The plan is to make a bunch of smaller local mesh networks using the same protocol and technology that will at some point merge and create one big mesh network.

This wiki serves two purposes: as a planning ground for future coordinated efforts, and as a general resource for new users who want to quickly become involved.

What can you do?[edit]

If a page doesn't exist or doesn't have enough information, add it.

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